"Bluesy, rock wonderfulness jam packed into a succinct, exceptionally soulful package." - Brett Stewart, Tilting Windmill Studios

We're back, with Milo, the Mobros, and a whole lot more at DC9

We’re live at DC9

Tuesday - Jun 18 - 8pm

Tonight, Tuesday June 18th, we’re joining up with Milo in the Doldrums and the Mobros for a raucous night of rock and roll at DC9! If you’ve never made it out to DC9, we think you’re missing out. We’ve been hard at work re-tooling the set list, and we can assure you, you’ve never heard us sound this good! We’ve even added a couple bonus songs that you’ll have to come hear for yourself. Trust us when we say, “it’s worth it”.

And… as a bonus, the food is flat out amazing… try the ‘Go Cluck Yourself’ or the ‘Plain Jane burger’. They don’t call it a tri-level hipster hangout for nothing.

Tickets are available online here or at the door. The music starts at 8pm sharp! Don’t miss the opener. You have been warned!

BBQ, Shiner Bock, a whole new lineup and 2019's best rock song in DC

This Saturday, at Hill Country Live, we’re debuting our brand new four member lineup, with Zach Martin on drums. Zach is a veteran of the DC music scene, having played previously with Hundredth Nomad and Whiskey Pull. We’re overjoyed that he’s joined the band, and very excited to share his skill with you. This weekend is his very first gig as the newest member of Fellowcraft! We hope you’ll come out and enjoy the noise as we support Bad Krohma, eat some delicious Texas style BBQ, drop a few shots, a few shiners, and more.

You can RSVP for the event on Facebook here, or buy your tickets directly here - they’re only $5! \m/

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 12.14.39 PM.png

Last weekend, we were honored when Hold The Line won the Wammie Award for 2019’s Best Rock Song of the year. We were among some seriously amazing bands that were nominated. It’s humbling to say the least. We know you voted for us when they asked for nominations, and for that, we say thank you!



It sure feels like it’s been an eternity since we last talked, right? Well… it has been an insanely long winter, but it's finally over. The spring sun has broken out over the city, and we’ve been awash in the familiar sights and smells of the District.

Were kicking off the spring with two shows! We’d love to see you at one, or both. First on the 23rd at the all new, all awesome, Pie Shop! We’ve planned a rousing night of raucous rock n’ roll to compliment some of our favorite punk bands! We owe a huge debt of gratitude to DC Spore Productions, the Split Seconds, Chill Parents, Bluewreck and Dangerously Delicious Pies!

And…not to bury the lead, it’s Brian’s last official gig with Fellowcraft, but more about that later.


If that wasn’t enough to get you riled up - we're back at Hill Country Live again! This time with a brand new four person lineup, (again, more about that later) and with some serious, hard hitting support as we share the BBQ, beer and pork with Bad Krohma, one of DC’s newest, hardest hitting rock bands.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 12.14.39 PM.png

So wait… what’s up with Brian, and this NEW LINEUP?

We're adding two new members to Fellowcraft, and saying goodbye to one.

First off, we say thank you and goodbye to our co-founder, our drummer, and our hype man, Brian Nelson-Palmer, as he steps off to his next big challenge. Brian's been with us from day zero - from the first jam in the studio apartment all the way to the hallowed 9:30 Club! He's headed off to chair the Wammie's, and teach his Productivity Gladiator training across the US.

 Brian, we salute you! Fair winds and following seas, my friend.


Good luck, BNP!

You’ll be missed!

So, who are these fresh faces, anyway?

Pablo Anton, of Black Dog Prowl, and formerly of Hundredth Nomad, is joining us as our 4th member on lead guitar! Zach Martin, formerly of Whiskey Pull, and Hundredth Nomad, will be “sitting” in as the new drummer! Fellowcraft is officially a four piece now. I guess we need to change that whole “Grunge-Blues Trio” thing.

Fun fact: you might remember way back in the spring of 2016 we hosted Hundredth Nomad at the Rock n’ Roll Hotel, when they released their EP “Halfway to Nowhere”. We’re happy to have Pablo and Zach as fully fledged, knighted members of Fellowcraft. Welcome to the machine.

Join us this week at Pie Shop, or in a couple weeks at Hill Country. Come say goodbye to Brian before we throw him a farewell show that’s deserving of what he brought to this band. Come see this new lineup play the blues like you can only imagine!

  • We four, we happy four, we band of brothers

Come To The Wharf's Union Stage on Saturday & Our New Single's Live Music Video

This Memorial Day Weekend we say goodbye to spring the only way we know how... LOUDLY! 

This Saturday we're making our debut at Union Stage in the heart of the newest "must visit" neighborhood in DC - The Wharf! It's been an eventful few months, so we couldn't be happier to cap off our spring shows at one of the biggest venues in the city. If you haven't heard of Union Stage or visited The Wharf, now's your chance. If you have been to a show there you know how much we're looking forward to blowing the doors off. While still on the hinges, doors will open at 5:30 and Fellowcraft will begin playing at 6:30 sharp. This will leave you with plenty of time to find food and drinks before enjoying Black Dog Prowl and Stone Driver as they close out your "Friday Part 2" evening of this three day weekend; it's sure to be a treat. 

Brian, Brandon, and JR are going to make sure you remember this show! We'd love to see you yelling "Rage, Rage, Rage, Rage" with us to our song The Dying Of The Light from the front row.

You can buy your tickets here at Ticketfly and RSVP on Facebook! 


Not to brag or anything, but we just released our first brand new single - Stonehearted - off our upcoming LP Three. You can stream, download, or buy Stonehearted on just about every music platform worldwide. You can also check out the live music video below or join us this Saturday to hear it in real life. We'll be thrilled if you find your way out to celebrate our last show before we head back into the studio to finish the rest of our record.

New Single, Stonehearted, Is Available Now! Release Show Saturday, April 28 @ Solly's!

The waiting is over...

As many of you know, our new record has been a true labor of love that's taken a lot longer than our first one. To recap, we recorded and mixed Get Up Young Phoenix in about 19 hours. Our new record has been in progress for a year. The good thing about taking your time is that is you get a lot of time to listen to things, and have the critical ear to critique them; you have a lot of opportunities to get it right. We’re here to tell you that we got it right. 

Our first single from our upcoming Full Length LP Three is a brooding, grungy story centered on the plight of the homeless and focuses on the sorrow they face as they are stepped over and often stepped on

Stonehearted debuted live on DC Music Rocks, and will be made available at the website DCMusicRocks.com on Wednesday, as part of the April 24th Podcast. You can find the single on iTunes, Spotify, above in the embed from Soundcloud, or anywhere that you stream your music, many linked here on this page with all the information about the release. 

And hell, if that’s not already awesome enough, we’re wasting no time in sharing Stonehearted with you live. We’ll be celebrating the single release with a 3 hour FREE SHOW at Solly’s on Saturday April 28th! You can RSVP on Facebook to join us as we spend three unadulterated hours serenading you with the best originals and covers we have. 

It's been fun, and it's only just getting started. 

Fellowcaft Sollys April 28 Stonehearted Release Party
We're back! We've got new songs, new shows, and new videos!
What a winter's it's been

It's been a fun and relaxing winter for two of the three of us… Brian visited family in Georgia and Brandon headed back to his hometown in the Appalachians, but JR got engaged!! This has led to substantial planning during a time when the rest of the band has been able to lay low. As you’ve seen, the band has been in a “gig-hibernation” since PerfectionCraft in November, but we did sneak out late at night to play World of Beer in January. We barely told a soul, but with only a couple days’ notice we thought it best to simply recap that it was quite a fun jam gig. We typically come back with a vengeance after taking time off like this… and by “vengeance” we mean “string of shows where we get to play our instruments loudly” – we’re lovers not fighters, after all.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 7.13.27 PM.png

We're kicking off this string of spring shenanigans with the Rock and Roll Marathon on March 10th; look for us around the 16 mile mark if you're in the race, but we’re sure you'll hear JR before you see him. We enjoyed jamming at World of Beer in Ashburn, so we’re going back for a night of rousing covers and a couple brand new songs we've been workshopping on April 7th. After WoB we’ll round out our spring with three shows: One on April 28th at Solly’s on U Street where we'll be releasing a single titled Hold the Line and a second at The Ugly Mug on May 4th. Our final spring show will take us to the Wharf for our debut at the lavish new Union Stage! We’re excited to share this show with you as we'll be joining our best of friends in rock and beyond, Black Dog Prowl in opening for DC's own Stone Driver; we're humbled they've asked us onstage as openers.

The support you have shown us thus far is more than we deserve - we thank you for that. Give us a shout if you can make it to one or two or our shows, and we’ll send you an official Fellowcraft HugeHugIOU (valid while supplies last). We wouldn’t get to do any of this without your support!

Lastly, here’s a new video (courtesy of the wonderful Sandi Redman) from the last time we played The Black Cat. The title of this track is Stonehearted, so if you like it keep on the lookout for our LP release later this year.

Rock & Roll Hotel Saturday 10/14 and a Video!

Rock And Roll Hotel

Saturday Oct 14 - 8pm Doors - $12

Fellowcraft Rock And Roll Hotel Nah Cosmic Romp

We're back on the big stage!  Indie Psych Rock project, NAH. joins forces with us, your favorite grunge blues trio, Fellowcraft, and the heavy funk project Cosmic Romp for an energy filled display that will certainly get your feet moving. Smiles all around :)  We hope we see you there, hugs and high fives available for free! 

Facebook Event to RSVP: 

Ticket Link to pick up your tickets in case this thing sells out:


Video Preview From Our Upcoming Release

Mixing and mastering is ongoing for our upcoming album, 'Three', due out this winter.  Here's a video we shot live in the studio at Blue Room to give you a preview.  Can't wait to share our rock with you! 

Out of the studio and onto the stage! We're at the Black Cat Aug 10!

It's been a hell of a summer! Over the last couple months we've been hard at work rehearsing, and tracking in the studio, as we continue working on our upcoming EP. We can't wait to share this album with you!

Good news! You don't have to wait that long to hear it! This coming Thursday we are joining up with Short Lives, and Bells & Hunters as they release their newest record and say Goodbye, (for now). We hope you'll come out and join us as we rock the Black Cat right down to the foundation... again ;) 

A TV Interview - one last show - and then we're off to the studio
What a whirlwind it's been - and we're just getting started

What a whirlwind it's been - and we're just getting started

This year took off like a rocket!  And while it's started to quiet down, we know it's for a good reason. We're headed back into the studio this summer to work on our sophomore release! Stay tuned, because more details are coming. 

But, before you go thinking, "aw, man. When am I going to see that Fellowcraft Band again!?" - this Saturday, in Falls Church, at the VFW post 9274, we'll be playing our last show for the spring and early summer. Before we trundle off into the bilges to track, mix and master our next record, (and really, we can't begin to speculate just how much we hope you'll love it), we hope you'll join us for one last show! 

We'll be joining a star studded Punk-Rock line-up which includes the Split Seconds, Derek Evry (who you may remember from our "Get Up Young Phoenix" Album Release show), Dead End Lane, Nine to Five, Meatbot, and Dr. Beardface & the Spacemen. The doors open at 6pm, and Tickets are $5.

7 bands - five bucks - cheap beers - ample parking - what's not to love!?  

You can RSVP here... you know, if that's like, your thing.


Last year, we had a chance to do an interview with Britt Waters on DCN's the Sound. You can check it out here!