We're back! We've got new songs, new shows, and new videos!

What a winter's it's been

It's been a fun and relaxing winter for two of the three of us… Brian visited family in Georgia and Brandon headed back to his hometown in the Appalachians, but JR got engaged!! This has led to substantial planning during a time when the rest of the band has been able to lay low. As you’ve seen, the band has been in a “gig-hibernation” since PerfectionCraft in November, but we did sneak out late at night to play World of Beer in January. We barely told a soul, but with only a couple days’ notice we thought it best to simply recap that it was quite a fun jam gig. We typically come back with a vengeance after taking time off like this… and by “vengeance” we mean “string of shows where we get to play our instruments loudly” – we’re lovers not fighters, after all.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 7.13.27 PM.png

We're kicking off this string of spring shenanigans with the Rock and Roll Marathon on March 10th; look for us around the 16 mile mark if you're in the race, but we’re sure you'll hear JR before you see him. We enjoyed jamming at World of Beer in Ashburn, so we’re going back for a night of rousing covers and a couple brand new songs we've been workshopping on April 7th. After WoB we’ll round out our spring with three shows: One on April 28th at Solly’s on U Street where we'll be releasing a single titled Hold the Line and a second at The Ugly Mug on May 4th. Our final spring show will take us to the Wharf for our debut at the lavish new Union Stage! We’re excited to share this show with you as we'll be joining our best of friends in rock and beyond, Black Dog Prowl in opening for DC's own Stone Driver; we're humbled they've asked us onstage as openers.

The support you have shown us thus far is more than we deserve - we thank you for that. Give us a shout if you can make it to one or two or our shows, and we’ll send you an official Fellowcraft HugeHugIOU (valid while supplies last). We wouldn’t get to do any of this without your support!

Lastly, here’s a new video (courtesy of the wonderful Sandi Redman) from the last time we played The Black Cat. The title of this track is Stonehearted, so if you like it keep on the lookout for our LP release later this year.