New Single, Stonehearted, Is Available Now! Release Show Saturday, April 28 @ Solly's!

The waiting is over...

As many of you know, our new record has been a true labor of love that's taken a lot longer than our first one. To recap, we recorded and mixed Get Up Young Phoenix in about 19 hours. Our new record has been in progress for a year. The good thing about taking your time is that is you get a lot of time to listen to things, and have the critical ear to critique them; you have a lot of opportunities to get it right. We’re here to tell you that we got it right. 

Our first single from our upcoming Full Length LP Three is a brooding, grungy story centered on the plight of the homeless and focuses on the sorrow they face as they are stepped over and often stepped on

Stonehearted debuted live on DC Music Rocks, and will be made available at the website on Wednesday, as part of the April 24th Podcast. You can find the single on iTunes, Spotify, above in the embed from Soundcloud, or anywhere that you stream your music, many linked here on this page with all the information about the release. 

And hell, if that’s not already awesome enough, we’re wasting no time in sharing Stonehearted with you live. We’ll be celebrating the single release with a 3 hour FREE SHOW at Solly’s on Saturday April 28th! You can RSVP on Facebook to join us as we spend three unadulterated hours serenading you with the best originals and covers we have. 

It's been fun, and it's only just getting started. 

Fellowcaft Sollys April 28 Stonehearted Release Party