We're back, with Milo, the Mobros, and a whole lot more at DC9


We’re live at DC9

Tuesday - Jun 18 - 8pm

Tonight, Tuesday June 18th, we’re joining up with Milo in the Doldrums and the Mobros for a raucous night of rock and roll at DC9! If you’ve never made it out to DC9, we think you’re missing out. We’ve been hard at work re-tooling the set list, and we can assure you, you’ve never heard us sound this good! We’ve even added a couple bonus songs that you’ll have to come hear for yourself. Trust us when we say, “it’s worth it”.

And… as a bonus, the food is flat out amazing… try the ‘Go Cluck Yourself’ or the ‘Plain Jane burger’. They don’t call it a tri-level hipster hangout for nothing.

Tickets are available online here or at the door. The music starts at 8pm sharp! Don’t miss the opener. You have been warned!