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Brian's On Magazine Shelves Nationwide, & We Have Back-To-Back Shows!

Back To Back Shows This Weekend!  

Friday 11/18  -- We're joining the incredibly talented DC Cover Band, The Perfectionists for #perfectioncraft, an epic night of dancing, sing-alongs, party music and your favorite covers at one of our favorite venues in DC, Acre 121!  

Click here, an RSVP on gets you in free!

Saturday 11/19  --  We're finally coming to Fairfax, with three original rock bands in one place!  We'll be joined by local DC area bands The Sometimes, and Braddock Station Garrison.  

Click here for full details!

Saturday 11/19 is an original rock showcase!  Joined by friends The Sometimes and Braddock Station Garrison.

Brian, Our Drummer, In The National News

As many of you know, Brian Nelson-Palmer is a Type-1 insulin dependent diabetic. His ability to perform at such a high level and control his diabetes, as opposed to letting it control him, is nothing short of amazing. We're overjoyed that Diabetic Living did a Q&A with him in the latest issue of their national publication. Get your copy today! 

Brian Nelson-Palmer Diabetic Living Magazine Interview
Winter Edition 2016 Diabetic Living