we three - we happy three…

Fellowcraft’s latest album, Three, is as much a labor of love as it is an album promoting solidarity and protest. It represents a divergence from the raw lo-fidelity sound of their last release, Get Up Young Phoenix, to a more refined and purpose driven sound. Nine songs over thirty-six minutes reflect a variety of musical genres, from hints of grunge to wailing blues tracks and pure rock and roll. The release begins with a funky track titled Hold the Line and even contains a punk-inspired song, Believe in We.

Released September 10, 2018
Recorded at Undisclosed Location, Blue Hippo Recording Studios and Bias Studios
Produced by Fellowcraft
Co-Produced by Jason Mendelson, Sean Gotkin and Mark Reiter
Mastered by Mike Monseur at Bias Studios
All songs written by Fellowcraft with exception*
*Charlie Songs written by Fellowcraft and Dustin Treise
*That's That written by Fellowcraft and Ardamus

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