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"Radio-ready and primed for a slot on the soundtrack of a summer action flick, Fellowcraft is a trio based in DC with a rugged, yet refined sound, one that fuels adrenaline rushes and supports an introspective mood. Distortion is cleverly deployed on the group's debut album, Get Up Young Phoenix, which has a style blending disparate bands like Staind, Alice in Chains, and The Black Keys. Sick riffs and solos, growling vocals, and high-octane drumming make for some juicy rock and roll.", Washington DC--

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“Get Up Young Phoenix” is freakin’ WICKED...Fellowcraft lets you know quickly on this record that you’re not just in for another straight-ahead rock band...these guys are un-caged, snarling and on full-attack here in what sounds like Elvis turned up the amps for real and decided to reclaim all of rock’n’roll once & for all... “Long Gone” is BEEFY like it’s been workin’ out at the gym...”The Dying Of The Light” was completely a massive achievement pulled-off fantastically...I don’t know what to tell you other than that the chorus of this last song from Fellowcraft will BURN A HOLE IN YOUR FACE it’s so deceivingly-HOT.

--Jer, Sleeping Bag Studios--

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Bluesy, rock wonderfulness jam packed into a succinct, exceptionally soulful package...‘West Texas Blues’ is one of the finest exhibitions of blues I’ve heard in the independent scene in quite some time. Plus, it has a bass solo. Enough said...‘Get Up Young Phoenix’ is a genuinely amazing independent rock album. As Fellowcraft’s full length studio debut, it’s even more impressive. 

--Brett Stewart, Tilting Windmill Studios--

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Fellowcraft’s debut album, “Get Up Young Phoenix” is a magnificent record. It is inventive, progressive, current and modern, highly inspired music, yet feels classic at the same time. It is a marvelously dynamic album that has many peaks and valleys and it actually feels like an experience from start to finish lyrically, musically and thematically...JR MACDONALD’s voice is incredible, he has the power, emotion and range to scream, croon and serenade with any of the greats. JR’s guitar, together with BRIAN NELSON-PALMER on drums and BRANDON WILLIAMS on bass, produces thick walls of sound that stir the soul and washes over the ears...when you combine the vocal abilities of JR with the drumming of NELSON-PALMER and monstrous thunder of WILLIAMS’ bass, it really is a blend of three musicians who gel in a way that makes the whole band rise above others. NELSON-PALMER’s perfect timing and groove is so reliable that he is largely underrated. WILLIAMS’ bass playing lays a foundation that augments the percussion while adding to the low end harmoniously...Fellowcraft sound as powerful as they do inviting, and as warm as they do wailing. So whether opting for maximum aggression or pulling back on the reigns a bit and dropping into an infectious melody, you would be hard-pressed to find a single moment of weakness in all of “Get Up Young Phoenix”.  Therefore, it is more than just a rock album. It is a great rock album. Do yourself a favor and play this loud and in your car or on great speakers to get the full effect. 

--Rick, Jamsphere--

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Fellowcraft is raw, passionate, and even comedic. All three members draw on extensive experience in live music, and merge their influences into a heterogeneous musical mixture. They have incorporated elements of Rock, Blues, Funk, Punk, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Jazz into their original work.


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Rugged sense of individualism, energy, and defiance, they specialize in entertaining the masses. Fellowcraft’s message is simple, dance, head-bang, and enjoy yourself.

--Cloture Club Music Spotlight--

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The guitar lines are killer, the bass is subtle when it needs to be but also powerful and everything has a very nice tone. That guitar tone and bass tone really shine all throughout Get Up Young Phoenix. Smooth and clean when it needs to me, rough and fuzz driven as it flows. The drumming is exceptional. The fills are solid, and the chemistry between the bass and drums is tangible.

--Glory In Sound--

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"I hope somebody called up the rest of the rock n’ roll bands out there to tell them they’ve just been replaced...Their sound comes from the soul not the console...big, powerful, bowsum and gritty. More importantly it avoids the glossy rockstar-perfect ‘stamp-them-out-safe’ formulaic hit tunes...Crank it up and disturb the neighbors…they might dig it. I’m doing that right now."

--Rick, Jamsphere--

 "The main principle of Fellowcraft though is that Rock and Roll should be fun and loud.  This attitude seems to flow through to their energetic live shows and creates a synergy with the crowd...we are excited to see where they go from here"


"Recommended if you like:  bands who don't use autotune"

--Clarissa, Brightest Young Things (BYT) Shows To Get Pumped For--