Our Story

"A rugged sense of individualism, energy, and defiance." - Cloture Club, DC


we seek Sonic MINIMALISM

Fellowcraft is an original Grunge-Blues Trio from Washington DC.  Their sound has been described as a disparate connection between bands like Alice in Chains, and the Black Keys. All three members favor a minimalistic approach to Rock and Roll that allows each instrument to be featured prominently.

In March 2015, Fellowcraft released their debut EP, "...the Singles", to rave reviews. The trio released their sophomore record, a full length album, "Get Up Young Phoenix", worldwide on January 1st, 2016.  The trio's third release is due out in Summer 2018. 

Fellowcraft have been featured on television, and national web broadcasts, as well as in newspapers, independent blogs, websites, and national podcasts.

They're also really, really nice guys.



Jon Ryan MacDonald
Guitars & Vocals

Brandon Williams

Brian Nelson-Palmer

Britt Waters interviews Fellowcraft as part of the Sound, on DCN, a local cable television channel in Washington DC.