The Capital City Showcase, a TV Show, and a video from the SOLD OUT Black Cat Show!


This Friday we've been booked as the musical headliner for the Capital City Showcase, a local organization that brings together the best performing arts from all over the DC area for local showcases. This showcase features some amazing acts, and we are honored to be joining them. 

DC Cable Television: The Sound

Fellowcraft on DC's The Sound

Fellowcraft will soon be featured on the DC Cable Network, channel 16, as part of The Sound. The special was recorded out of the old BET Studios in Brightwood, NE. Like all the experiences that we've had before, this one was special, as it's the first time that we'll be on Television.  The producers, host, and staff treated us like warm blooded rockstars, and the experience was definitely one to remember.  We signed the "wall-of-fame" that has been graced by artists like Dru Hill, Anthony Hamilton, and so many others. Stay tuned as we anxiously await the premiere in September.  

We'd like to send a huge Fellowcraft thank you to the crew over at The Sound for an incredible experience!

Fellowcraft Selfie with Britt DC The Sound
Fellowcraft Backstage The Sound
Fellowcraft on The Sound
Fellowcraft On Set The Sound DC

Video from Sold Out Show @ The Black Cat

We've got some great video from the sold out show we played at The Black Cat in DC, courtesy of an awesome fan, Pablo.  It was the first song of the night, Get Up Young Phoenix, the title track of our debut album.  We hope you enjoy!