"Radio-ready and primed for a slot on the soundtrack of a summer action flick, FELLOWCRAFT is a trio based in DC with a rugged, yet refined sound, one that fuels adrenaline rushes and supports an introspective mood. Distortion is cleverly deployed on the group's debut album, Get Up Young Phoenix… Sick riffs and solos, growling vocals, and high-octane drumming make for some juicy rock and roll." --TheDeliMagazine.com

"I hope somebody called up the rest of the rock n’ roll bands out there to tell them they’ve just been replaced.” --Jamsphere.com

“Recommended if you like bands that don’t use Auto-Tune” --BrightestYoungThings.com

“A rugged sense of individualism, energy, and defiance, they specialize in entertaining the masses.”  --ClotureClub.com